japanopenpokerbaner3Japan Open Poker Tour(JAPAN OPEN) is the biggest poker event in Japan which has been running since 2011. 

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japanopenpokerbaner3Japan Open Poker Tour(JAPAN OPEN) is the biggest poker event in Japan which has been running since 2011. 

events Schedule


About recent news!

How to entry

About the main event

The Main Event is open only to those who have passed through satellite tournaments in the poker room and have been granted rights, or those who have been granted rights in online tournaments.

Please note that the venue entrance fee (depending on the venue) + drink fee (¥ 1,000) will be required for those who pass.


About add-ons (passing multiple qualifying rounds)

Those who have passed the satellite tournament more than once can receive up to 20,000 add-ons (additional chips).

You can start the tournament with +10,000 add-ons (30,000 chips in total) for 2 passes and +20,000 add-ons (40,000 chips in total) for 3 passes.

Special benefits about Platinum Entry Tickets

Those who have passed the satellite more than 4 times will be presented with a GG500 entry ticket for the side tournament according to the number of times (excluding the third time) used in the main event.

If you get multiple entry tickets, you can use them for re-entry. Due to the 3-cap system, you can re-enter up to 3 times. Tickets cannot be given to others.

There is no entry fee when using an entry ticket. Despite the entry ticket, participants are required to pay 1,000 yen for drinks at the time of entry.

About multiple passes on Day 1

After passing through Day 1A /Nagoya and Day 1B/Osaka , if you have unused rights you can participate in Day 1 of the later schedule.

If you have passed Day 1 multiple times, you will be required to participate in Day 2 with the largest number of passing stacks from Day 1.


About other events

There are no conditions for participation in side events (such as GG150 Bounty) unlike the main event.

You can participate only with the entry fee + drink fee.

About player’s card

A PPC (Poker Players Card) card is required to participate in side events.

You will be given a free PPC card when you pass the satellite in each poker room.

In addition, new issuance will be issued for free only if new players participate on the day of the tournament.


Tokyo Venue



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Pro Player contract

The Japan Open Poker Tour offers Pro Player contract that includes overseas tournament seats to the winner players at each event. Please see each event’s introduction page for further details of the contract.


  1. Providing cash or goods to top players for any commercial tournaments purpose is not permitted by law.
  2. Please allow us to take pictures during the tournaments. Those photos will be used only for website and the further commercials. To join the event, players must sign the contract related to Portrait Rights. Player who refuses to sign the contract will not be allowed to join the event.
  3. Please register at the entry section before the event starts. All players’ personal information will be secured by the guideline of Japan Open Poker Tour Office.
  4. If the events cancel or stop by any circumstantial cause , the entry fee will not be refunded. In that case, tournament organization shall not be liable.
  5. Players can decide whether to sign the Professional Player Contract. The contract is not valid without a signature of the player or the player is under 18 years old. In addition, even if the player is over 18 years old,  according to some countries that would be still illegible.
  6. The contents of the Professional Player Contract can be changed before or after the tournaments. A guarantee against loss isn’t available when the contract has changed. Also, giving or donating their contracts to another players is not permitted by Japan Open Poker Tournament Office.
  7. Except some circumstantial cases, players shall not stop playing during the tournament events unless they have no chips left. Players who give up playing before their chips finish, may have a risk losing the chance to sign the Professional Player Contracts.
  8. During tournaments which are provided by the Professional Player Contracts of Japan Open Poker Tour, we would like to request the players to use the emoji stickers of Japan Open Poker Tour and be cooperative.

About Personal information

  1. Please read the laws, guidance, and other criteria about personal information protection of Japan.
  2. We will not share any player’s personal information to a third person unless the player agrees to share with.
  3. About personal information protection, we will manage information safely by countering systematically, physically, personally and technologically.
  4. We educate our staffs to protect player’s personal information safely and teach regulations that are related to personal information.

Thank you for your understanding.

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