japanopenpokerbaner3Japan Open Poker Tour(JAPAN OPEN) is the biggest poker event in Japan which has been running since 2011. 

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Season 19 : TOKYO

23-25 Oct. 2020 Venue: BAGUSPLACE Ginza

Dates: 1 Aug. 2020 – 22 Oct. 2020

Dates: 18 Sep. 2020 – 27 Sep. 2020



Time Event # Tornament Name Buy-in(JPY)
23 Oct. FRI
19:00 1 Stars150 Bounty ¥15,000
23:00 2 Turbo ¥8,000
0:30 Hyper Turbo ¥5,000
24 Oct. SAT
11:00 3 Main Event / Day 1 ¥5,000
17:00 4 PLO ¥15,000
20:00 5 Platinum ¥30,000
23:00 6 Turbo Bounty ¥10,000
0:00 Hyper Turbo ¥5,000
25 Oct. SUN
11:00 3 Main Event / Day 2 ¥5,000
11:00 7 Megastack ¥12,000
15:00 8 Flipout 6-max ¥2,000

Each event requires 2 drinks (1,000 yen) order.
* Main Event is only open to qualifiers from live & online satellites.


Players Guide




  • Address:2-4-6, Ginza, chuo-ku, Tokyo-to
  • tel: 03-5524-3991
  • Website: http://www.bagus-99.com/Bplace/
  • 5-min. walk from the Central Exit of JR Yurakucho Station
  • 1-min. walk from Exit 5 Ginza-itchome Station on Tokyo Metro


How to play in the JAPAN OPEN

Every event has one Main Event and several side events. The Main Event is only open to qualifiers from live & online satellites while the side events are available for direct registration.

Go to  The Main Event

live satellite

Live satellite will be held for about 90 days until the Main Event at over 40 poker clubs, JAPAN OPEN satellite partners.
Please confirm live satellite tournament details with each poker club.



More tickets the player gets from live or online preliminary tournaments, more stack he or she can start with on final tournaments. Player who get 3 tickets through preliminary could start final tournaments with a maximum chip stack.

Player contracts

Japan Open Poker Tour will provide top players of each event with the Professional Player Contracts, which includes PokerStars Live tournament seats and packages. Please find contract details on introduction page of each event.


  1. Providing cash or goods to top players of commercial tournaments is not permitted by Japanese law.
  2. Japan Open Poker Tour requests players to permit photographing and the photos will be used on website. To join in the event, players have to sign on the file to give up the Portrait Right. Player who refuse to sign on the file will not be allowed to join in the event.
  3. Personal information will be registered to Poker Guild for management. Please do the registration when you come to the venue. Private information of players will be protected according to guideline of Japan Open Poker Tour Office.
  4. If the event has to be stopped because of any irresistible force, the entry fee which players pay at first as the charge for using this venue will not be refund to players. In that case, substitute tournament is not guaranteed either.
  5. Players can choose to sign the Professional Player Contract or not. The contract will be invalid without sign of player or when the player is under 18-year-old. In addition, even if you are over 19 years old, it is a condition that you do not violate the laws of the country where you are dispatched.
  6. The contents of the Professional Player Contract could be changed before or after tournaments. A guarantee against loss isn’t available when the contract is changing. Also, commission or donation of the contracts from players who get them to another player is not permitted by Japan Open Poker Tournament Office.
  7. It’s essential to have a PokerStars account when player wants to join in the oversea tournament of PokerStars.
  8. Except irresistible reasons, players shouldn’t stop playing tournament when he or she still have chips left. Player who gives up playing tournament may have a risk losing the chance to sign on the Professional Player Contracts.
  9. During tournaments which are provided by the Professional Player Contracts of Japan Open Poker Tour, players should use stickers of Japan Open Poker Tour and be cooperative with promotion of it.

About Personal information protection

  1. Observe laws, guidance, and other criterion about personal information protection made by Japan.
  2. We  use, apply, and offer information appropriately and  will use only by a policy which we have clearly indicated except there is a set of laws and regulations.
  3. We won’t offer information to a third person unless  a person in question agreed.
  4. About Personal information protection, we will manage information in safety by countering systematically, physically, personally and technologically.
  5. We will educate our staffs to deal with personal information in safety and decide and male public rules about personal information.
  6. We will invoke check about dealing with, managing and working on personal information and longoingly improve it.
  7. In outsourcing, we will check competence enough and supervise carefully.
  8. We will react customers if they quest changing or revising or disclosing their personal information, and also correspond for their consultation.If our guidance is changed, we will upload to website.

Thank you for your understanding.

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